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How can our Heritas Smart Wellness program help you ?

Set your goals and our professional coach designs your personal plan of healthy habits based on the evidence of what your Microbiome and your Genome tell you

The Héritas Smart Wellness program will help you take actions in a sustainable and personalized way with the aim of improving your well-being and preventing conditions that affect your health.


If you feel that you have to improve your habits but you never find the time, the form or the perseverance to do it, this program is for you!

The global events of COVID-19 showed us that today more than ever maintaining healthy habits is our best protection.

On what elements is the Héritas Smart Wellness program based to personalize a healthy prevention plan?

  • Your Gut Microbiome : With our MicroXplora Wellness Edition pack, we look at the composition of your gut microbiome to make informed decisions.

  • Your genome : With our GenXplora integrated Pack composed by NutriXplora, GastroXplora and PreventXplora, we analyze a careful selection of biomarkers with scientific evidence to identify genes associated with the risk of developing certain conditions that may be affected by your current lifestyle.

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  • Your habits : by filling a personal and confidential questionnaire and by collecting data from fitness apps in your mobile devices (if you use it and agree on it), we will have key information to understand what you need to improve in the context of your genome and your microbiome


A new kind of well-being

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Your gut microbiome

you will get to know:

  • The Diversity of your microbiome

  • What type of microbiome do you currently have?

  • The risk index for metabolic diseases

  • The current composition of bacteria

  • How it influences your sleep, your exercise, your immunity

  • How these parameters change after 30 days of personal plan

Part of GenXplora

Diet and your genes

Your genetic markers associated with

  • Detoxification, need for antioxidants

  • Fatigue, muscle weakness, sleep and mood disorders

  • Vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiencies

  • Food intolerance and allergies

  • Tendency to anxiety and depression, sensitivity to coffee and alcohol

  • Cholesterol, triglycerides, vascular risk and blood pressure. Sensitivity to salt.

  • Methylation and your immunity

  • APOE and Alzheimer's risk

  • We include the severe disease markers of COVID-19 from chromosome 3 and others.

  • and more...

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Part of GenXplora

Intestinal health

Your genetic markers associated with

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Chronic diarrhea

  • Intermittent bowel pain

  • Chronic reflux

  • Recurrent intestinal infection

  • Chronic constipation

Part of GenXplora

 Disease prevention and ancestry

Scientifically validated polygenic risk scores * for:

  • Coronary heart disease: 1,700,000 markers

  • Breast cancer: 313 markers

  • Prostate cancer: 147 markers

  • Included, your ancestry information in this test (know your ancestors up to 4-5 generations back)


* The Polygenic Risk Score (PRS), reviews hundreds or millions of markers in your genome together that result in a single score that indicates the risk. The most important thing about this score is that it is modifiable by your habits. In no way does the score indicate that you will have the disease, but rather it indicates that you should prevent it.

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Available packs


MicroXplora Wellness Edition

Your intestinal microbiome, pack of 2 measurements (day 1 and day 30) + professional coaching + personalized plan of habits



NutriXplora + GastroXplora + PreventXplora

Well-being in your genome with 3 tests in a single pack + professional coaching + personalized habits plan

You can select one of the two according to your needs, or choose both (Heritas Smart Wellness Pack in the Marketplace).

If you want to start trying with one of the packs, we recommend that it be MicroXplora Wellness Edition since the microbiome is very dynamic and can be changed relatively quickly. MicroXplora can be measured several times (we recommend every 2 months, for which you must purchase the kit again), instead your genome is measured only once.


You will have free updates to your genome results as we collect new solid scientific evidence to incorporate into the reports.


In all cases, the program includes professional coaching of healthy habits to generate your highly personalized plan



How is all the process with my samples?

You buy the pack

You receive the sample collection kit at your home

You collect the samples  from saliva and / or fecal Matter

You take the sample easily and simply in your home

you send the sample to our laboratory

DNA is sequenced in Argentina, in our laboratory with international quality

You receive the results, you set the objectives and we put together the plan

You receive the results, with free periodic updates

What users say about Heritas Smart Wellness

Laura amel.jpeg

Laura A.

It was very interesting to know the composition of my Microbiome and to have the possibility of having someone explain the results to me and advise me.

carolina battista.jpg

Carolina B.

I liked being able to see reflected in a study how the smart wellness program changed the composition of my microbiome for the better.


Gloria M.

The advice was very good and they gave me tips to be able to change my diet habits in a simple and super efficient way.


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